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Electrolux Home Products

Dr David Ross from Pangolin Associates was engaged to undertake a level 2 energy audit to AS/NZS 3598: 2014 of the Electrolux Oven Production plant located in Dudley Park South Australia in 2017. The report was successfully delivered with in the timeline requested. The Electrolux team found the report to comprehensive and insightful and led to the company successfully obtaining an Energy Efficiency Grant from the Government of South Australia. We throughly recommend the professional auditing services of Pangolin Associates. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you require any follow questions.

Atul Badgujar, Manufacturing Engineering Team Leader, Electrolux Home Products

Frasers Property Group

Logo - Frasers Property Group has achieved certified carbon neutrality under NCOSPangolin Associates was incredibly helpful in guiding us as we navigated the complexities of achieving carbon neutrality for the first time. The team was knowledgeable, patient and had established relationships with all other relevant parties and organisations, including with the Department of the Environment and Energy. I would feel very comfortable to recommend them, and we are already looking at ways to work with them further!

Olivia Leal-Walker, Sustainability Coordinator, Frasers Property Australia

With Architecture Studio

With Architecture Studio - NCOS awarded practice in Perth WAWith Architecture Studio became the first architecture practice to receive the NCOS Carbon Neutral Certification in 2017. With an impressive expertise in measuring, calculating and reducing emissions, Pangolin Associates was a valuable and reliable partner for us to reach this goal.

Pangolin’s approach has been professional, communicative and friendly with their reports providing us with an excellent base to understand our footprint better and reduce emissions further.

We are very pleased to be working with Pangolin Associates in the future to maintain our certification.

Madlen Jannaschk, Manager Sustainability and Carbon Neutral Certification, With Architecture Studio 
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Ross Hill Wine Group

Pangolin Associates client: Ross Hill Wine Group, the first NCOS carbon neutral winery in Australia.Ross Hill has become the first and only certified Carbon Neutral (NCOS) winery in Australia. This has been achieved by the hard work and experience from the team at Pangolin Associates.

To become carbon neutral has been a goal for the Robson Family for a long time, our philosophy is to basically have as small a footprint on the earth as possible. With a 38KW solar panel and then energy reduction strategies we have been able to achieve our goal. It would not have been possible with out Pangolin who have been very passionate and diligent in their advice and also steering us through the regulations of becoming carbon neutral.

James Robson, Owner, Ross Hill Wines
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Leichhardt Municipal Council

Leichhardt Council logoPangolin Associates was great to work with and helped Leichhardt meet all of the requirements of the NCOS Carbon Neutral Certification program. Their experience was invaluable to us as there were very few examples of carbon neutral councils to reference. The council needed a qualified and experienced consultant to help meet its goal of being Carbon Neutral by 2012.

Team Leader Environmental Strategy, Leichhardt Council
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Griffith University

Griffith University QLDPangolin has assisted Griffith University with determining and reporting our carbon emissions since 2008. In 2012, Pangolin developed the emissions reports and charts and ‘Business as Usual’ graphs for the University’s Carbon Management Plan and assisted with NGER’s reporting. Throughout the period I have worked with Pangolin I have found the staff to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful and keen to assist us with both improving our reporting and suggesting options to reduce overall emissions.

Nicola Collier-Jackson, Director Campus Life, Griffith University QLD October, 2013

Bickford’s Australia

Bickford's AustraliaPangolin Associates’ knowledge in the field of energy monitoring and management was the reason for their engagement. They assembled a comprehensive team of experts in the areas of refrigeration, lighting and voltage control to provide a suite of solutions tailored to Bickford’s requirements.

Pangolin’s Director of Audit and Research, Dr Davide Ross, was invaluable. He was able to raise questions, investigate, challenge paradigms, and find outside of the square solutions.

Their report was comprehensive and was written and presented in a way that all levels of management, not just the engineers, could understand. It contained detailed information and clearly written summaries.

Colin Stuart, Compliance Manager, Bickford’s Australia June 2013
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RM Williams

RM Williams: Australian footwear and apparel.The energy audit produced by Pangolin Associates identified numerous opportunities in which RM Williams may further improve its environmental performance through energy efficiency initiatives.

Many of the recommendations produced by Davide Ross and Matthew Curnow have already been implemented resulting not only in energy efficiency and environmental performance improvements, but importantly also providing energy capacity for the planned growth of our organisation.

Graham Potter, Manager – Engineering Services, RM Williams May 2013
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Jurlique International logoOur work with the team at Pangolin Associates aimed to set up our environmental monitoring system and customise our dashboard and reports. We are pleased with our new carbon monitoring system and the way Pangolin conducts business.

What we appreciated most about working with Pangolin Associates was their comprehensive understanding of wide range of environmental standards and their ability to apply the standards to the actual business.

Yoshie Obara, Environment Officer, Jurlique International, June 2015
June 2015
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Climate Friendly

Pangolin Associates partner: Climate FriendlyClimate Friendly uses Pangolin to audit all of our avoided deforestation projects. Avoided deforestation is the most complex project type under the Carbon Farming Initiative and Pangolin’s attention to detail, customer service, high level of expertise and professionalism ensured that the projects were approved quickly by the Government. Their high quality work sets them apart from other auditors.

Josh Harris – Carbon Farming Development Manager, Climate Friendly November 2014

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Maurice Blackburn LawyersMaurice Blackburn has worked closely with Pangolin Associates for several years. Pangolin has helped us to monitor our carbon emissions and has provided us with reports aiding us in identifying where we can improve, and how we have improved as a sustainable business year on year. Through reducing our emissions and then offsetting what we can’t reduce Pangolin has helped us progress and lead sustainability initiatives within the legal sector. There are more steps to go in our journey and Pangolin’s partnering will remain important as we continue.

Steve Schuurmans, Chief Operating Officer, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers 
March 2013 Read the Maurice Blackburn case study

Techno Plas

Technoplas. Excellence in plastic consumables & specialised moulding.Pangolin Associates has been an invaluable element of our move to a more sustainable business. They provide legitimacy and accuracy to what we are doing, which has huge value in the internal business decision making and cultural change processes. We have also found the formal and certified process / reporting Pangolin provides is of great benefit in the external arena, from tender document support, grant applications and promotional materials.

The staff at Pangolin has proved to be very knowledgeable in their area of expertise and passionate about passing that knowledge to the companies they assist. They have also streamlined and made easy what seems an initially daunting task of data accumulation, and been more than happy to get involved themselves.

Final reports are aimed at a broad audience from executive, to those who want the detail and are presented in a professional manner.

Stefan Billing, Joint CEO, Techno Plas February 2013 
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Mater Hospitals & Health Services

Mater Hospitals & Health Services. Exceptional People. Exceptional Care.Mater has been working with Pangolin Associates since 2010 to understand our carbon impacts and to produce relevant information for both Executive and Board reporting. They have also assisted with the preparation of our NGER requirements and highlighted areas of concern where we can introduce initiates to minimize our energy and carbon.

Chris Hill, Manager Sustainability Officer, Mater Hospital June 2012
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FB Rice

FB Rice: intellectual property firm.At FB Rice we have long been aware that carbon pricing is to come into effect in 2012. However it was the Pangolin Report that finally gave us a clear understanding of the potential impact on our business. The report also gives us clear guidelines into how the firm can prepare for the approaching changes and we look forward to continuing to work with Pangolin Associates to reduce our carbon footprint and complete our journey to carbon neutrality.

Dr. Brett Lunn, Managing Partner, FB Rice March 2012
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WestSide Corporation Limited

WestSide Corporation : a mining organisation dealing with government compliance pressure.As a result of our partnership with Pangolin Associates, WestSide clearly understands its National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting obligations and now has the appropriate reporting system tools in place to demonstrate conformity and compliance with those obligations.

Dr Julie Beeby, Chief Executive Officer, WestSide Corporation June 2011
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Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service

Westpac Rescue Helicopter ServiceThe Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service has benefited from our association with Pangolin Associates in gaining valuable assistance on improving Energy Efficiencies and completion of greenhouse gas audits. The team at Pangolin is responsive to our needs and has a great network of subject matter experts that have assisted us and provided us with advice in all areas of environmental management.

Rob Jenkins, Safety Manager, Westpac Rescue Helicopter October 2011
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Centennial Park Cemetery Authority

Centennial Park: South Australia cremation, burial and memorial services.Centennial Park has been working in partnership with Pangolin Associates to progressively reduce the carbon emissions of the organisation. Without proper measurement there is no opportunity to manage the outcome and drive sustainable changes. The expertise of Pangolin continues to help us measure and improve our business with expert knowledge and experience.

Bryan Elliott, CEO, Centennial Park Cemetery Authority April 2012
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Oakhill College

Oakhill CollegeOakhill College has for the past four years sought to understand our carbon footprint, and to determine a strategy for reducing it. Pangolin Associates have been – and remain – partners with whom we work effectively. Their advice has enabled us to commence work on an evolving reduction strategy.

Steve Molloy, Bursar, Oakhill College March 2014

Low Carbon Australia

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of the Carbon Neutral Program and all the hard work that the Pangolin Associates team has put into compiling GHG Inventories and LCAs. We have always valued the high quality work coming from you.

Alexander Stathakis, Carbon Neutral Certification Analyst, Low Carbon Australia May 2013

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