Corporate: why act on energy & carbon

3 key reasons for corporations to act on energy and carbon management now

  1. Supply chain pressure

    Increasingly large businesses require non-financial disclosure of their supply chain’s carbon footprint, product energy intensity, and emissions reduction plan.

    Winning business or retaining relationships now demands energy efficiency measures and carbon management. Sustainability is often part of supplier arrangements, a response to tender, or RFQ.

  2. Energy efficiencies

    Implement energy efficiencies to protect your business from rising power costs. Funding and rebates are still available at a state level. Pangolin works with corporations nationally to access state based clean energy funds.

    Contact us about:

    • NSW: Energy Savings Certificates (ESC),
    • VIC: Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs),
    • ACT: Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme (EEIS).


  3. Competitive advantage

    Many corporations must report under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGER). As well as compliance, reducing your carbon footprint increases staff attraction and retention. First movers gain the strategic advantage over competitors not yet acting on climate change, or operating within the carbon economy.

    Voluntary carbon programs generate good will and strengthen a brand. Think about this. Would you be the first in your industry to be carbon neutral certified? We help Australian corporations attain carbon neutral certification under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). Find out what certification entails.

How Pangolin Associates can help

Conduct an energy audit

Reduce energy consumption, your costs and your footprint at the same time. Read about energy audits.

Measure your carbon footprint

Show your customers you care about your business’ impact. Set reduction targets and analyse the results. Read about Greenhouse Gas Assessments.

Become certified carbon neutral

Go further than a carbon footprint, use these results to plan for carbon neutrality under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). This is the only recognised certification in Australia. Find out how we can assist with any stage of your NCOS application.

Assist with compliance requirements

Pangolin’s auditors are Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditors (Category 1 and Category 2) under section 75A of the NGER Act. Our auditors have worked on NGER projects since it was established in 2007. Find out how we help with NGER.

Talk to us about additional sustainability initiatives

  • Environmental Management System (EMS) under ISO:14001
    Pangolin Associates’ team can guide you through the process. This is a comprehensive system to embed sustainability within your organisation.
  • Strategic Energy and Emissions Management
    Pangolin’s Strategic Energy and Emissions Management (SEEM) uses your organisation’s historical energy and greenhouse gas emissions data. We chart the direction your organisation is heading, and set objectives and targets to mitigate energy use and emissions.
  • Staff engagement
    This is a comprehensive online survey. It includes a detailed report on your staff’s travel to and from work, along with attitudes towards climate change. It will help you determine viable, lasting sustainability across your business.

Industry experience

Our industry experience covers a range of multi-national, corporate sectors. Clients include:

  • IT companies,
  • Global beverage manufacturers and distributors,
  • Top tier legal firms,
  • National entertainment providers,
  • ASX listed entities including building management and investment.

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