Local government

3 key reasons for local government to act on energy and carbon

  1. Show sustainability leadership in your area. Measure your carbon emissions. Set targets for reducing your carbon footprint. Show support for strategic green initiatives in your community.
  2. Undertake an energy efficiency audit and reduce costs.
  3. Manage your risks. Find out what Australia’s Carbon Pricing Mechanism means to your council, now in effect. Do you know what you can pass on to ratepayers?

How Pangolin Associates can help

Carbon Emissions Measurement

Pangolin’s audit team has the following accreditation:

  • Accredited by the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator
  • Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditor (Category 1 and Category 2), under 75A of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 (NGER)

As well as GHG assessments, we provide emissions management plans, verifications, assurance, and audits of your carbon footprint. We can also help you benchmark your greenhouse gas emissions against other local governments.

Energy Efficiency Audits

We have provided energy efficiency audits and Energy Savings Action Plans (ESAP) to numerous local governments across Australia. Our work complies with the AS/NZ 3598:2014 standard.

Pangolin’s team constantly monitors technology developments, bringing advances into our reporting. Where appropriate we also engage our extensive partner network for expertise in specific areas.

Talk to us about additional sustainability initiatives

  • Staff engagement
    This is a comprehensive online survey. It includes a detailed report on your staff’s travel to and from work, along with attitudes towards climate change. It will help you determine viable, lasting sustainability across your organisation.
  • Carbon price modelling
    Our Carbon Strategy and Risk Report measures the impact of Australia’s Carbon Pricing Mechanism on your organisation.The assessment takes into account your expenditure on goods and services over the course of a financial year. It then applies the impact of the carbon price for the 3 fixed price years.We interpolate potential costs through the most carbon intensive areas of your supply chain, based on financial accounts and invoicing data.

Industry experience

As well as energy efficiency audits, our recent work in the local government sector includes:

  • Energy Savings Action Plans (ESAP)
  • Greenhouse gas assessments
  • Greenhouse gas verifications
  • Carbon footprint software implementation

Our work for local government often includes energy efficiency audits across multiple years. Talk to us about your organisation.

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