SMEs: why act on carbon & energy

For SMEs, there are 4 key reasons to act on carbon and energy.

1. Supply chain pressure

Increasingly, large businesses require non-financial disclosure of their supply chain’s carbon footprint. This means to win business or retain relationships, SME’s need to act on carbon management and show emissions reduction measures. It may be part of an existing supplier arrangement, or a response to tender or request for quote (RFQ).

2. Workforce expectations

More and more Australian workers are aware of climate change and the impact of commercial activities. Increasingly job seekers and staff are looking for environmentally responsible organisations. They stay longer with companies taking action.

3. Competitive advantage

Many businesses understand that action on carbon, energy and climate change is important to their clients. Action generates good will, and a stronger brand and reputation. As a first mover, an SME gains the strategic advantage on competitors not yet acting on climate change or operating within the carbon economy.

4. Cost effectiveness – save money

The cost of energy and other utilities is on the rise. The price on carbon (or ‘carbon tax’) aside, electricity costs are also increasing due to infrastructure upgrades. By reducing energy emissions now, SME’s can promote voluntary action on their part – done for the greater good – with the benefit of decreasing costs.

How Pangolin Associates can help SMEs

Measure your carbon footprint

Outcome: publicly state you have measured your footprint. Show you care about your business’ impact. Set reduction targets and analyse the results. Go further, use these results to set actions and a path for carbon neutrality. Read about carbon footprinting.

Conduct an energy audit

Outcome: identify initiatives for cost savings. Less energy + less carbon = less money. Reduce costs and your footprint at the same time. Read about energy audits.

Manage your carbon offsetting

Outcome: show proof of offsetting your footprint. We have a highly transparent and visible carbon credit offsetting process. Pangolin Associates is one of the few companies to retire credits in our client’s name and provide serial number tracking. Read more about carbon credits.

A few SMEs we’ve helped

Intellectual property firm, FB Rice: read the case study. See more from our clients:

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