Strategic partners

We help businesses plan for a low carbon future. Our strategic partners provide additional products and services outside of our core offerings.


Pangolin Associates partner: Acresta, developers of carbon accounting tool, CarbonView.Acresta is the Australian developer of CarbonView and GridAnalytics software tools. These are robust, easy to use platforms for carbon accounting and energy monitoring.
See more on Acresta, CarbonView and GridAnalytics.


Energywise. A Pangolin Associates PartnerEnergywise is a leading voltage power optimisation company.
See more on Energywise.


Pangolin Associates partner: Ecovantage. An energy efficiency solutions company.Ecovantage is a creator of energy efficiency certificates in NSW and VIC.
See more on Ecovantage

Trees for Life, SA

Trees for Life. A Pangolin Associates PartnerTrees for Life is not for profit. The organisation provides an Australian revegetation option for businesses.
See more on Trees for Life.


Steril-Aire. Pure Air, Real Science.Steril-Aire solutions are used worldwide for IAQ, HVAC energy conservation, and pandemic protection.
See more on Steril-Aire.

Rozelle Protocol, Australia

Pangolin Associates partner: Rozelle Protocol Australia.The Rozelle Protocol reduces the carbon footprint of TV commercials and film productions.
See more on the Rozelle Protocol.

Energy Buster

Logo: Pangolin Associates strategic partner, Energy Buster.Energy Buster is a South Australian energy solutions partner for SMEs.

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