UVC Emitters Solutions

Steril-Aire. Pure Air, Real Science.We commonly recommend Steril-Aire’s high output germicidal UVC solutions as part of our Energy Audit findings.

Steril-Aire solutions are used worldwide for IAQ, HVAC energy conservation, and pandemic protection for commercial buildings, educational facilities, hospitals, food processing, clean rooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, transportation, hotels and more.

The company’s high output germicidal UVC solutions have been installed extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand in the past 7 years.

Key benefits of Steril-Aire Emitter solutions

  • Significant improvement of indoor environments.
    Air in commercial buildings becomes substantially free of virus, bacteria, mould and odours.
  • Energy efficiency and environmental performance improvement.
    HVAC units automatically self clean, so function more efficiently and require less power to operate at desired levels.
  • Cost savings through energy efficiency and reduced maintenance.
    Improved air conditioning (AC) efficiency will typically generate minimum energy savings of 10 – 15% of the total AC energy cost. AC maintenance requirements will also reduce, cutting labour and chemical cleaning costs. The payback period is generally within 24 months.

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