Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI)

Providing CFI audits and assurance engagements

Pangolin Associates Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) auditors

Pangolin’s CFI auditors

We provide audits and assurance engagements across Australia for landowners and CFI project owners wishing to apply for carbon credit units.

While the Carbon Farming Initiative itself is voluntary, CFI projects must undergo an audit before earning a certificate of entitlement. From a marketing perspective, our audits are an assurance for buyers that your carbon credits are certified abatement.

Pangolin is one of the few organisations to audit CFI projects resulting in vast numbers of Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) generated by landowners and CFI project owners. These credits are then approved by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER).

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More about Australia’s Carbon Farming Initiative

Australia’s Carbon Farming Initiative is a carbon offset scheme continuing under the current Coalition Government until July 2015. The scheme remunerates farmers and landowners for carbon credits created through actions such as sequestration and avoided deforestation.

CFI project owners may sell carbon credits as genuine abatement to people or organisations. This is a means of offsetting greenhouse gas emissions created from the organisations’ own activities. See opportunities for the land sector under the ERF (Australian Government website).

After 1 July 2015: CFI transitions into the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF)

What this means for existing Carbon Farming Initiative projects

After 1 July 2015, existing Carbon Farming Initiative projects will transition automatically to the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Changes to current and new methods will not affect existing CFI projects. Existing project owners will have the option to continue using the version of the method at the time of project approval, or may apply to use another applicable Emissions Reduction Fund method.

What this means for new land sector and waste projects

From 1 July 2015, new application assessment falls under the ERF eligibility rules. Applicants must apply the most up-to-date version of the relevant method.

What to expect from our CFI Audits

Our auditors meet CFI technical requirements: Category 2 Greenhouse and Energy Auditors registered under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Regulations.  View our accreditations.

Our auditors will assess the CFI project data and provide on site analysis. A site visit may involve testing processes and interviews with key project staff. You may also expect the following services:

  • An assessment of actions, systems and reporting methods for measuring and benchmarking greenhouse gas emissions,
  • A review of documentation in terms of particular methodologies and their requirements,
  • An evaluation of the monitoring report including resolution, date and source of imagery,
  • A review of land unit estimations,
  • A verification of the biomass survey report through desktop verification and in field observation,
  • A qualification and quantification of the occurrence of disturbances (natural or otherwise, e.g. fire events, disease, etc.),
  • Calculations on sequestration potential (annually or over the period audited).

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