Carbon neutral events

Your event can be carbon neutral or certified carbon neutral under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

Becoming carbon neutral: what is involved

Running a carbon neutral event involves an initial scoping session with our team. Typically your organisation collates the data post event. Pangolin’s team then calculates the carbon footprint and provides the results in a spreadsheet or table.

We recommend that you offset your event in line with NCOS. This means you or your organisation purchases certified carbon credits to offset the event’s carbon emissions.

We also help with advice and supply of the credits. Ours is a fully transparent process; with credits and serial numbers listed on a publicly accessible registry, assigned to you or your organisation. We also provide a carbon credit certificate, which is beneficial as proof of action, and for marketing and promotional purposes.

Certified Carbon Neutral: what more is involved

As with a carbon neutral event, a certified event involves an initial scoping session with our team. We provide the carbon footprint for NCOS, and assist with the offsetting component of the application. See a few carbon credit projects right here.

For certification, we compile calculations for the requisite Public Disclosure Document (PDS). A third party verification may be required depending on the size of your carbon footprint.

A license fee for the NCOS application is payable to the Government of Australia’s Department of the Environment and Energy.

Already measured the carbon footprint of your event?

If you already have calculations for your event’s greenhouse gas emissions, we can help with the offsetting component only. Pangolin provides competitively priced carbon credits from a range of projects.

A few events we’ve helped

We have assisted many event organisers with carbon neutrality. Here are a few:

Talk to us about making your event carbon neutral.

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