Carbon tax - understand the impact on you!

Carbon Strategy and Risk Report

Our Carbon Strategy and Risk Report measures the impact of Australia’s Carbon Pricing Mechanism. It helps you identify direct and indirect cost increases associated with the carbon tax now in effect.

6 critical questions about the carbon tax

  1. Do you understand how the carbon price will impact your organisation?
  2. When your supply chain passes through higher costs due to the Carbon Pricing Mechanism, do you know how much is justified?
  3. Do you know which costs and how much you can pass on to your clients?
  4. Do you understand the ACCC guidelines for passing on these costs?
  5. Have you developed a carbon price risk strategy and if no, are you currently planning to put one in place?
  6. Did you answer YES to the first 5 questions? Then your business is better prepared for one of the biggest changes to the Australian economy.


Our comprehensive Carbon Strategy and Risk Report provides the tools you need right now. It helps you substantiate price increases you may need to pass on to your customers.

What the report includes


The Integrated Sustainability Analysis Research team at the University of Sydney developed the robust methodology. Reports include:

  • Calculations on financial data based on products and services procured over the course of a typical trading year.
  • Detailed carbon tax risk exposure profile.
  • Likely impact of the Carbon Pricing Mechanism over 4 years, starting from the first year of the fixed-price period (1 July, 2012).
  • Quantifiable risks and the estimated impact on operating costs and your bottom line.
  • Carbon tax risk management and cost and emissions mitigation strategies.

Supply chain emissions

We interpolate potential costs through the most carbon intensive areas of your supply chain. We base costs on financial accounts and invoicing data.

Client testimonial

“At FB Rice we have long been aware that carbon pricing is to come into effect in 2012. However it was the Pangolin Report that finally gave us a clear understanding of the potential impact on our business. The report also gives us clear guidelines into how the firm can prepare for the approaching changes and we look forward to continuing to work with Pangolin Associates to reduce our carbon footprint and move towards carbon neutrality.” – Dr. Brett Lunn, Managing Partner, FB Rice, Sydney March 2012

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