NCOS & carbon neutrality

Become a net zero carbon business

Pangolin is certified carbon neutral under NCOS

Pangolin is certified carbon neutral

We have helped numerous Australian organisations attain carbon neutral certification under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). This is the only Australian  Government endorsed carbon neutral certification in Australia.

What can be certified carbon neutral?

  • Organisations,
  • Products and services,
  • Events,
  • Buildings,
  • Precincts.

Read more about what can be certified on the Federal Government’s website. 

Which organisations are certified carbon neutral?

See a list of all certified carbon neutral companies in Australia, including a number Pangolin clients.

Read NCOS success stories, see our case studies:

See more about our clients on the Department of the Environment and Energy website.

Government case studies:

Your NCOS application

Talk to us about the technical aspects of your NCOS application. We will take you through the essential steps:

  • Measure your footprint. Know how much and what you need to reduce. Talk to us about a Greenhouse Gas Assessment and an Energy Audit.
  • Reduce your emissions. Put an Emissions Management Plan (EMP) in place. We provide detailed recommendations for reducing your impact on the environment.
  • Offset emissions you cannot reduce. We purchase and retire certified carbon credits on your behalf.
  • Verify your documentation. If you have already achieved the above, we can independently verify your NCOS documentation.

NCOS regulations are stringent. It is important to understand the requirements before developing your carbon neutrality plan. Talk to us for more information.

Carbon neutrality

Become a net zero carbon business, here’s how

You can apply for carbon neutral certification under NCOS when your organisation’s net emissions are zero. Achieving carbon neutrality is a combination of measuring, reducing, and offsetting emissions.

Certifying just part of your business

All or a part of your business may become carbon neutral under the National Carbon Offset Standard, e.g. business operations, specific products or services.
Applications for certification under NCOS involves:

  1. Measuring your carbon footprint
  2. Preparing a Public Disclosure Summary including an emissions reduction strategy
  3. Offsetting emissions you cannot eliminate through NCOS approved carbon credits
  4. Verification of the above
  5. Submitting the application and fees

Third party verifications

The entity that undertakes step 5 above must be independent from the other points. Read more (Government of Australia website).

Carbon neutral certification logo under NCOS (National Carbon Offset Standard).Using the NCOS logo and for how long

You can use the NCOS logo under license once certified carbon neutral. There are strict guidelines for use.

Carbon neutral certification is valid for a 5-year period.  See more on maintaining certification (Government of Australia website).

Why choose Pangolin Associates

Highly accredited

Our auditors are registered under the Clean Energy Regulator’s National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGER). This meets strict NCOS verification requirements.

See Pangolin compliance and our accreditations.

Range of experience

We have worked with a range of organisations in Australia seeking carbon neutral certification: from ASX listed to smaller service-based companies, including manufacturers and local government.

Our services and carbon neutrality

  • Greenhouse Gas Assessment (carbon footprint). Read about our comprehensive assessments.
  • Verifications for Greenhouse Gas Assessments, Emissions Management Plans (EMPs) and Public Disclosure Summaries. We provide NCOS verifications. Alternatively, if we have done the work for you, another party will easily verify our reports. Our auditors are NGER registered (National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act).
  • Purchase and retirement of certified carbon credits. We are one of the few carbon management providers with transparent and highly visible carbon offsetting practices.

Need more information?

To simplify the steps, request our free NCOS Process Guide.

Ask our clients!

We are happy to provide references on request. Contact us for a free consultation on  carbon neutral certification.

Leichhardt Municipal Council says…

Leichhardt Council logoPangolin Associates was great to work with and helped Leichhardt meet all of the requirements of the NCOS Carbon Neutral Certification program. Their experience was invaluable to us as there were very few examples of carbon neutral councils to reference. Council needed a qualified and experienced consultant to help Council meet its goal of being Carbon Neutral by 2012. Team Leader Environmental Strategy, Leichhardt Council

Read the Leichhardt Council case study

Ross Hill Wine Group says…

Solar panels at Ross Hill Wines, a NCOS accredited organisation

James Robson at Ross Hill Wines, Orange NSW

Ross Hill has become the first and only certified Carbon Neutral (NCOS) winery in Australia. This has been achieved by the hard work and experience from the team at Pangolin Associates. To become carbon neutral has been a goal for the Robson Family for a long time, our philosophy is to basically have as small a footprint on the earth as possible. With a 38KW solar panel and then energy reduction strategies we have been able to achieve our goal. It would not have been possible with out Pangolin who have been very passionate and diligent in their advice and also steering us through the regulations of becoming carbon neutral. James Robson, Owner, Ross Hill Wines

Read the Ross Hill case study

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