26,000 tonnes of carbon offset

Press release 12 June 2012

Energy and carbon management firm, Pangolin Associates, says in the past 2 years of trading their clients have offset a whopping 26,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Offsets, purchased in the form of carbon credits, are globally recognised and an effective means to combat climate change. Put in simple terms it is an investment in viable renewable energy projects. Each carbon credit represents one tonne of greenhouse gas prevented or removed from the atmosphere.

Joint managing director, Iain Smale says, 26,000 tonnes of carbon is the equivalent of taking 7,200 cars off the road in Australia for one year. “ Smale adds, “Many of our clients have gone a step further purchasing GreenPower for their businesses.” An approved reseller of Australian GreenPower, to date Pangolin has supplied 9,000 MWh, enough to power about 1,200 Australian households for a year.

Managing carbon credits is only part of a broader suite of sustainability services, which includes energy efficiency audits and carbon price risk analysis. Pangolin also provides greenhouse gas assessments, and advises that measuring emissions is a necessary first step. Next, prior to purchasing credits, Pangolin helps clients reduce their footprint through often simple, cost saving initiatives. Carbon offsetting follows for emissions that cannot be eliminated.

Smale explains, “Offsetting alone is not enough. Companies first need to minimise their emissions for cost savings in the workplace and genuine environmental accountability.”

Businesses seeking certified carbon neutrality must follow Pangolin’s advice: measure, reduce, and then offset. The Australian Government’s NCOS (National Carbon Offset Standard) is the accepted standard for carbon neutrality certification.

About Pangolin Associates

Pangolin Associates works with businesses and governments across Australia. The company helps organisations increase efficiencies and competitiveness whilst reducing carbon, energy and other environmental impacts.

Pangolin’s services include comprehensive greenhouse gas assessments (carbon footprints), energy efficiency audits, carbon price modeling, and advice on carbon offsetting. Pangolin supplies certified carbon credits and Australian GreenPower.

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