Carbon tax looms - are you ready?

Press release 23 May 2012

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Energy and carbon management firm Pangolin Associates have recently launched a Carbon Strategy & Risk Report service. Pangolin helps organisations capture direct and indirect cost increases associated with the impending carbon tax.

Matthew Curnow, Joint Managing Director of Pangolin, says: “Australia’s Carbon Pricing Mechanism will be the biggest change to Australian business since the GST, yet with just over a month to go few companies have a strategic plan in place.

“The Carbon Strategy and Risk Report is a tool for strategic planning – a critical part of the budgeting process,” Mr. Curnow adds. “It allows a business to substantiate any price increases they may need to pass on to their customers due to the price on carbon.”

Pangolin’s auditors can interpolate potential costs through the most carbon intensive areas of a supply chain, as based on financial accounts and invoicing data. It was the University of Sydney’s Integrated Sustainability Analysis Research team that developed the robust modelling behind the report.

The Carbon Strategy and Risk Report includes:

  • Calculations on financial data based on products and services procured over the course of a typical trading year.
  • Detailed carbon risk exposure profile.
  • Likely impact of the Carbon Pricing Mechanism over 4 years, starting from the first year of the fixed-price period (1 July, 2012).
  • Quantifiable risks and the estimated impact on operating costs and your bottom line.
  • Carbon risk management and cost and emissions mitigation strategies.
  • Input/output: supply chain emissions

Questions you need to ask:

  1. Do you understand how the carbon price will impact your organisation?
  2. Do you understand how the carbon price might affect existing or new contracts you might be signing?
  3. When your supply chain passes through higher costs due to the Carbon Pricing Mechanism, do you know how much is justified?
  4. Do you know which costs and how much you can pass on to your clients?
  5. Do you understand the ACCC guidelines for passing on these costs?

About Pangolin Associates

Pangolin Associates has offices in Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

The firm helps organisations across Australia increase efficiencies, reduce costs and stay competitive in the carbon economy. Pangolin’s team has comprehensive, accredited experience in carbon and energy. Auditors leading the assessment team are registered with the Australian Government’s Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and the Clean Energy Regulator. Visit:

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