Dr Helen Chandler | Associate

Pangolin Associates: Dr Helen Chandler, Carbon and Energy ConsultantHelen has worked in the carbon management sector since 2007. Following a role as a senior emissions auditor for greenhouse gas emissions audits, she moved into the area of carbon risk and opportunity, building a tool for assessing carbon exposure risk for Australian businesses.

Research in carbon credit origination projects led to co-authorship of a Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)-approved methodology for Improved Forest Management-Logged to Protected Forests (IFM-LtPF). She has used this expertise to provide support for Pangolin Associates in assurance engagements for the former Carbon Farming Initiative and current Australian government NGER scheme. She now brings her carbon industry experience to energy audits for light commercial and small businesses.

Helen holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Adelaide and a DPhil from the University of Oxford.

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