Dr Michael du Plessis, Senior Associate

Michael has more than 20 years of experience in Innovation and Sustainability. His previous roles in the industry include a long career with ICI and later Orica Australia. More recently Michael was Innovation and R&D Manager for Sydney Water Corporation.

Michael has a PhD in chemistry. He is passionate about helping organisations improve the return on their investment in innovation and sustainability. He is a specialist in the use of economic input-output analysis tools for sustainability accounting including measurement of carbon, water, energy and ecological footprints.

Michael has worked in a variety of countries including South Africa, United Kingdom and Australia.
 His experience covers a wide range of industry sectors, including: mining, water utilities, chemicals, explosives, manufacturing, public sector research agencies and universities.

Michael is an Honorary Associate within the Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA) Research Team at The University of Sydney. This gives him access to the latest research in the development of environmentally extended Input Output Analysis methodologies and tools.

Additionally, he is a member of the Australian Water Association (AWA), an Accredited New Product Development Professional (NPDP) of the Product Development Management Association (PDMA), and a member of the Alternative Technology Association (ATA). Michael is also a registered consultant for Climate Active Certification.

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