Long Lu | Sustainability Systems Developer

photo: Pangolin Associates: Long LuLong is a Sustainability Systems Developer at Pangolin Associates. As part of the Information Technology team, he helps manage the database and assists with writing system and security policies.

Prior to joining Pangolin, Long worked as a Data Analyst at the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in London, UK. His work involved gathering exceptional climate change data, creating dashboards, and providing insights and benchmarking to the marketplace. Long also collaborated with the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) where his role was to audit cities’ specific carbon emissions.

Long’s interest in sustainability started when he worked for a small growing business that specialised in sustainable eating, lowering an individual’s carbon footprint, and creating healthier lifestyles. He automated a system where clients reported their eating habits and in return received their own carbon footprint and strategies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Long holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Adelaide. He specialised in data analytics, data engineering, and software development.

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