Morna McGuire | Consultant | Climate Solutions

Morna McGuire, Pangolin Associates Carbon and Energy ConsultantMorna works with the technical team. She brings research and data analysis experience to the Pangolin Associates team. She focuses on GHG Assessments (Carbon Footprints) and Climate Active carbon neutral certifications. Morna also specialises in visual communication, including presentations and infographics.

Before joining Pangolin, Morna interned with Sharks and Rays Australia. She was part of the communications team that promotes marine conservation. She assisted with tasks such as stakeholder engagement and environmental awareness.

Morna has also volunteered for a variety of research organisations such as Sydney Institute of Marine Science, Macquarie University Neurobiology Lab, UNSW (biodiversity and microplastic research), and Australian Microplastic Assessment Project. This work has fine-tuned her skills in data collection and analysis.

Morna completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biology at the University of Sheffield, UK. Her studies included an academic scholarship to the University of Sydney. During her degree, she won a communications competition; the piece investigated the role of Indigenous peoples in marine management. Her research thesis explored the impact of ecotourism on shark behaviour.

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