Owen Morrison | Senior Consultant

Owen Morrison, Pangolin Associates Carbon and Energy ConsultantOwen is a Senior Consultant at Pangolin Associates. He brings extensive experience in the financial sector to Pangolin’s team including financial asset classes and their influence. His knowledge of the impact of greenhouse gas emissions through frameworks such as PCAF, SBTi and TCFD is invaluable for clients in the financial sector.

Owen is able to help organisations of all sizes and complexities. He leverages his understanding of financial markets, regulation, and compliance with his experience in ESG consultancies and his work with climate advocacy group Positive Climate (Switzerland). Owen is extending his competencies and will soon be a Climate Active Registered Consultant. Additionally, he plans to pursue accreditations for NABERS, LCA, and NGER.

Prior to Pangolin Associates, Owen worked with multi-faceted structures from the start-up environment, as a trader for a proprietary equity firm, and in environmental compliance with Origin Energy. He was successfully self-employed for part of his career trading in financial instruments. The majority of his clients were banking institutions, asset management funds, superannuation companies, listed investment companies, private equity firms, and institutional investors.

Owen holds a dual Bachelors Degree of Business Management and Environmental Science from the University of Queensland. He was awarded a position on the Dean’s Honour List for high achievement. Owen has a vision for a future that builds the impacts of emissions into financial decisions, ensuring prosperity, financial sustainability, and environmental preservation.

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