Takako Wakiyama, Emissions & Energy Analyst

Takako is an environmental research scientist focusing on climate change and energy. She helps Pangolin’s clients achieve emissions reductions, including Science Based Targets projects.

Takako works on climate change, energy and land use issues at research institutes. She has analysed carbon emission reductions towards 2030 and 2050. Her research also includes carbon and electricity simulation analysis, and environmental impact assessment of energy use and land use, using econometrics and input-output methods.

Currently Takako is a PhD student at the Integrated Sustainability Analysis Group, School of Physics, the University of Sydney. She is developing a new tool to conduct economic, social and environmental impact assessment of business activities examining supply chains of a product in multi-regional trading transactions.

Takako holds a Master of Science in Environment and Development from the University of East Anglia, UK. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Economics focusing on international financial economics.

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