Staff Travel and Climate Change Attitudes Reports

Employee input: tailor your sustainability plan

Our Staff Travel and Climate Change Attitudes Surveys define sustainable transport initiatives and programs for employees. Giving crucial information about how your staff understands climate change further tailors your report.

These surveys are valuable tools for a Sustainability Roadmap or Emissions Reductions Plan.

What to expect

  • A simple-to-use web based link to an online survey.
  • An offline, printed survey for those without Internet access. This includes a spreadsheet for data collection.*
  • A detailed report of approximately 50 to 60 pages, including an executive summary. We provide the report in PDF and optional hard copy along with a presentation on the findings.

Results of the survey will be included in your annual carbon footprint, if undertaken, providing a more robust report.

Inside the report:

  • Travel habits and emissions generated via transport mode,
  • Employee attitudes towards more sustainable options, e.g. car pooling, public transport, neutral impact methods such as walking and cycling,
  • Employee perceptions and knowledge of climate change.

Employee engagement tools

Our report educates team members about their own carbon footprint, and helps you promote alternative transport options. This includes plans for improved work facilities such as secure bike racks and shower facilities for walkers, runners and cyclists.

The survey and assessment are comprehensive. You will  find out how your employees are likely to respond to the implementation of a more extensive Emissions Management Plan.

Other ways the report has assisted our clients:

  • Defining carbon credit investment to partially or fully offset the effect of staff travel emissions,
  • Lobbying for improved public transport options,
  • Establishing performance indicators for team members’ travel to and from work in order to track progress over time,
  • Developing an ongoing transport plan.

* Data entry and collation is the client’s responsibility for the offline survey.