NAPCO Delivers First Certified Carbon Neutral Beef to Market

Media release 25 July 2019
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NAPCO'S "The Five Founders" beef product is certified carbon neutral.

Sustainability specialists, Pangolin Associates, are surprised by the sharp uptake in carbon neutral certification (NCOS) in Australia’s food and beverage sector. Managing Director, Iain Smale, points to their client, The North Australian Pastoral Company (NAPCO), as just breaking new ground. NAPCO is the first cradle-to-gate NCOS certification in the Australian beef sector.

The footprint for livestock presented new challenges for Pangolin’s team, who has to date helped more than half of Australia’s NCOS certified organisations (none till NAPCO raising cattle). The solution was a hybrid Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) incorporating established Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) methodology, as well as energy factors from farm and feedlot emissions, and supply chain impacts.

NAPCO’s livestock ownership ends at the abattoir’s door, they own cattle from birth up to processing. Now, to facilitate a proper LCA, the company has introduced a new product to market, called “The Five Founders”. It is NAPCO’s first branded beef in over 140 years. Typically, NAPCO offers The Five Founders in 15-20 kg boxes, ready for export and the domestic market.

NCOS applications require a carbon footprint, an emissions reduction strategy (ERS), and proof of offsetting any remaining emissions via carbon credits. NAPCO’s strategy includes solar power, establishing nature refuges, and aligning stocking rates with grazing land for pasture health. They are also trialling a more efficient legume feeding regime for livestock, and increased watering points and grazing areas to quicken the journey to the abattoir, reducing the amount of emissions across an animal’s lifetime.

Iain Smale explains the importance of NAPCO’s commitment to carbon neutrality. Raising cattle is an extremely emissions-intensive enterprise. “Cows release enteric methane, a greenhouse gas. Over 100 years the warming effect of enteric methane is about 34 times greater per kilogram than carbon dioxide.” To put this into context, livestock makes up approximately 10 percent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. The impact globally is almost 15 percent of anthropogenic emissions. Given the statistics, it is hard to overstate the importance of NAPCO’s commitment to carbon neutral certification.

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Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd has offices in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. The consultancy works with businesses and governments across Australia helping to increase efficiencies and competitiveness whilst reducing carbon, energy and other environmental impacts.

Pangolin’s services include comprehensive greenhouse gas assessments (carbon footprints), energy efficiency audits, verification and assurance services, and carbon offsetting. Pangolin’s scientific team has comprehensive experience and the highest level of environmental accreditations. Auditors are registered with the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator. Pangolin Associates is a founding Certified B Corporation as well certified carbon neutral themselves.

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The North Australian Pastoral Company (NAPCO) is one of Australia’s largest and privately-owned cattle companies. NAPCO currently manages over 6.1 million hectares, in both Queensland and the Northern Territory. NAPCO also operates the award winning Wainui Feedlot and Farm on the Darling Downs. Combined, this property portfolio supports approximately 200,000 head of cattle.

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