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Making climate change action easier for you during difficult times

The carbon economy impacts every business. More than ever we know you need to improve competitiveness, save costs on electricity, manage supply chain pressures, or meet compliance requirements. Environmental accountability is urgent, climate devastation is at our doorstep. We are here with full resources in place.

COVID-19 – our whole team is here!

We are out of the office but not out of contact, quite the opposite. Our full team is at work, remotely and productively. In fact, our Sydney team has grown again both before and after the shutdown. We are available by phone, email, conference call, Skype or video conferencing. Talk to us.

For our clients with current projects

Your timelines have not changed. Given all that you are dealing with right now, it is our objective to make your project as streamlined as easy for you as possible.

Architects Declare

Pangolin whole heartedly supports Architects Declare! We’re working with many architectural firms in Australia to become certified carbon neutrality under Climate Active. See a case study right here: With_Architecture Studio, Perth.

Some good news

Our clients are asking us about...

Keith of Keith Tulloch Wines, Hunter Valley – certified carbon neutral

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

What is the total impact of your product or service? We have developed an innovative, hybrid approach that makes an LCA and the commitment to carbon neutrality more cost effective.

Trees and reforestation. Carbon offsetting services include a range of certified carbon credit projects.

Carbon Credits (Offsetting)

We match the right projects for your business and budget. We’ll manage the entire process for you, transparently. Measure, reduce, then offset with carbon credits.

Emissions from high intensity manufacturing industry. Pangolin Associates provides NGER services for businesses required to report emissions annually.

NGER Reporting

Be prepared in time for NGER and avoid penalties. Deadlines are coming: 31 August (registration), 31 October (reporting). We can help get you there.

Meet three of our Climate Active-certified clients

Corinda State High School, Queensland - NCOS certified

Corinda State High School

Brisbane QLD:
Corinda State High achieved the federal government accreditation. It’s the only Australian school and the first carbon neutral secondary school in Queensland. Learn how to do it, and see Corinda's case study here.

City Centre Motor Inn, Armidale NSW - now NCOS certified

City Centre Motor Inn

Armidale NSW:
Congratulations to City Centre Motor Inn, here with a new, energy efficient heat pump. They're proof that every business, anywhere, can make a big difference. Interested in carbon neutral certification?

Pangolin Associates client, BioPak, manufacture certified carbon neutral food containers


Across Australia:
BioPak manufactures disposable foodservice containers that break down into nutrient-rich compost when processed along with foodscraps. Good for the earth and Climate Active certified. See the case study here.

Architects Declare

Photo: Carbon neutral certified With Architecture Studio, Perth

A sector moving on climate and biodiversity emergency

We're supporting (and cheering on) the architects signing this declaration. They're calling for a monumental paradigm shift in our built environment, so critical for our natural world. We're proudly helping many of these leaders in the sector become certified carbon neutral under Climate Active. See one firm that moved early on - and signed the declaration. Congratulations again With_Architecture Studio.

Media release 25 July 2019


NAPCO Delivers First Certified Carbon Neutral Beef to Market

Sustainability specialists, Pangolin Associates, are surprised by the sharp uptake in carbon neutral certification (Climate Active) in Australia’s food and beverage sector. Managing Director, Iain Smale, points to their client, The North Australian Pastoral Company (NAPCO), as just breaking new ground. NAPCO is the first cradle-to-gate NCOS certification in the Australian beef sector.

Climate Solutions Fund - Emissions Reduction Fund

Pangolin Associates Forestry Project NSW. Auditors in field.

Help with all stages - auction submissions and onwards

The Australian Government supports new greenhouse gas reduction and energy efficiency projects through the Climate Solutions Fund (ERF), an auction-based funding system. Your project might involve commercial buildings, alternative waste treatment, transport, landfill gas - and much much more. We have the specialists to help. The next auction is coming. Check the dates here.

Be a climate change leader. Talk to us about sustainability, carbon and energy management. It's time to act.