Photo of industry - Pangolin Associates: Mandatory Climate Reporting (MCR) ServicesPhoto: Pangolin Associates provides Net-Zero Services (Sydney smoke haze during the Black Summer, 2019)

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The planet is in a climate emergency but we know that a decarbonised economy is also an opportunity. Our team has the expertise to help your organisation reduce emissions right now. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) 2023 has seen the planet’s hottest average global air temperatures on record. It will be businesses and investment in climate action that gets Australia – and the world – to net zero before 2050.

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Pangolin Associates climate change services: Science Based Targets. (Drought, cracked earth, dead tree.)

Science Based Targets (SBT)

Adopting an SBT approach demonstrates that your organisation understands how much you can emit responsibly. SBTs signal best practice science-based target setting and aligns with the Paris Agreement.

Photo of industry: Pangolin Associates provides mandatory climate-related financial reporting (MCR Services)

Mandatory Climate Reporting (MCR)

Talk to us about an MCR consultation or workshop. We take you through the processes, what to expect, and the questions you need to ask from your board, executives, and climate leaders.

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

What is the total impact of your product or service? We have developed an innovative, hybrid approach that makes an LCA and the commitment to carbon neutrality more cost effective.

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SBS: Going Places with Ernie Dingo

On a path to net zero before 2050, and more...

Our news: first an update from Pangolin MD, Iain Smale, after an eventful and exciting 11 months. Then in celebration of 2023 and the holiday season, we bring you news of inspirational climate leadership: our client SBS and a strategy for net zero emissions. Read on for a few holiday tips: excellent products for a more sustainable, carbon neutral season.

'Which brings me to another important point: while there will be a cost for entities to report, those entities will also benefit. New mandatory reporting requirements don’t necessarily make it harder to balance the scales between profit and legal requirements.'
ASIC Chair, Joe Longo, April 2024