Photograph: Kenya: Kasigau Corridor REDD+ carbon credit projectphoto commuters: Pangolin Associates surveys: Climate Change Attitudes & Employee CommuteClimate Active certified - Pablo & Rusty's Coffee Roasters

Making climate change action easier for you during difficult times

The carbon economy impacts every business. More than ever we know you need to improve competitiveness, save costs on electricity, manage supply chain pressures, or meet compliance requirements. Environmental accountability is urgent, climate devastation is at our doorstep. We are here with full resources in place.

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Some good news

  • Sustainable coffee anyone? Learn about Climate Active-certified, B Corporation, Pablo & Rusty’s Coffee Roasters, our latest case study.
  • Local Government Super (LGS) is a certified responsible super fund with a strong commitment to sustainability and a better future for members. Now it too is Climate Active certified. Read the LGS case study.

Architects Declare

Pangolin whole heartedly supports Architects Declare! We’re working with many architectural firms in Australia to become certified carbon neutrality under Climate Active. See a case study right here: With_Architecture Studio, Perth.

Now Australian builders are joining, calling for action on the climate and biodiversity emergency. See Builders Declare here.

Choosing a carbon credits? Here's a few more we recommend.

Carbon offset project: Rwanda - Improved Kitchen Regimes - cookstoves

Rwanda: clean cookstoves

Improved Kitchen Regimes
Cleaner stoves require substantially less fuel. For the people of the Bugesera District of Rwanda, that means a better quality of life and improved health. This project addresses several UN Sustainability Development Goals.

Carbon offset projects: Vietnam Rice Husk Thermal Energy

Vietnam: thermal energy

Food waste to renewable energy
Decaying rice husks release methane into the atmosphere, a greenhouse gas 21 times worse than carbon. This project in the Cai Be District of Vietnam captures the methane to generate electricity.

Carbon offset project: Rajasthan Wind Power - wind turbine and school students

India: wind power

Clean energy and co-benefits
This bundled wind power project generates 59.4 MW in two areas of Rajasthan in Northern India. The project also gives co-benefits to the community, with an emphasis on clean water and sanitation.

Other services our clients need

Keith of Keith Tulloch Wines, Hunter Valley – certified carbon neutral

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

What is the total impact of your product or service? We have developed an innovative, hybrid approach that makes an LCA and the commitment to carbon neutrality more cost effective.

Pangolin Associates carbon footprint services, including air travel and much more.

Carbon Footprint

Measure then act. Our GHG Assessments calculate your emissions in detail. We’ll help you reach your targets, or meet liabilities.

Emissions from high intensity manufacturing industry. Pangolin Associates provides NGER services for businesses required to report emissions annually.

NGER Reporting

Be prepared in time for NGER and avoid penalties. Deadlines are coming: 31 August (registration), 31 October (reporting). We can help get you there.

Architects Declare

Photo: Carbon neutral certified With Architecture Studio, Perth

A sector moving on climate and biodiversity emergency

We're supporting (and cheering on) the architects signing this declaration. They're calling for a monumental paradigm shift in our built environment, so critical for our natural world. We're proudly helping many of these leaders in the sector become certified carbon neutral under Climate Active. See one firm that moved early on - and signed the declaration. Congratulations again With_Architecture Studio.

1% for the Planet

Photo: Pangolin Associates - Contributing members to One Percent For the Planet

Support for non profit environmental organisations

We are contributing members of 1% for the Planet, and encourage individuals and businesses to do likewise. 1% for the Planet works to ensure a healthier planet for future generations. Read more about what Pangolin does to make a difference. (And join us.)

Your own approach to Climate Active

photo: ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects are Climate Active certified

The path to certification is flexible

It may include your organisation, products or services, an event, building, or even a precinct. Pangolin client, ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects (left), is now certified as an organisation and for its architectural services. We have eleven Climate Active Registered Consultants who can help with all of these options, or with a tailored, staged approach.

Net zero is not a slogan, it's an imperative. (Mark Carney, 2021)
We couldn't have said it better. Talk to us now.