Why We’re Pangolin

Why did we call our company Pangolin Associates?

Pangolin Associates - our namesake, the pangolin
Our namesake, the endangered Pangolin.

We see this animal as a part that represents the whole – the state of the environment, and of Planet Earth. Pangolins are threatened due to human activities. Hunting, deforestation and illegal trafficking for example. Direct action is necessary for a sustainable population.

“…the mammal that is the biggest victim of illegal trading is one that you have probably never heard of: the Pangolin.”

Hear more on ABC Radio National, including commentary by Sir David Attenborough…

About our logo

Pangolin Associates (curl device)For those who don’t know, a pangolin is a scaly, anteater-like mammal. Amusingly enough, it is also called a walking pine cone. The word pangolin comes from the Malay “pengguling.” Translated: something that rolls up. That’s where our logo comes in. When threatened, pangolins roll up, becoming tight, spiralled balls. This is the stylised curl or spiral of our logo. We think the pangolin-like curl may also indicate the sustainability journey. From broad beginnings, it gradually refines to a more precise element in an overall structure.