We want our website to be as inclusive, inviting, and easy-to-use as possible. Our website includes features for accessibility and best practice user friendliness for every visitor. Our aim is to comply with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Here is more information about our accessibility features:

Screen reader compatibility

Skip to content link

We included a skip to content link at the top of each page of our website. This link is invisible until clicked. The link allows screen reader users to skip the navigation menu links and immediately read the web page content.

HTML-based content and descriptive link titles

The majority of the links on our website are descriptive so visitors who use screen readers know exactly where the link or clickable element takes them. Additionally, titles appear in the HTML markup for the occasional less-descriptive links (e.g., ‘read more’ has descriptive markup).

Clickable phone numbers

Our contact page phone numbers are clickable to make talking to us easier.

Alternative text (alt text or alt tags) in images

Images contribute to the context of a web page. Our images contain alt text (alt tags) so screen reader users understand all aspects of the web page.

Additional information in HTML markup

Our HTML specifies both the site language and text direction.

Additional features for low vision and vision impairments

Adjustable text size

We have included a font-size button on the left side of every website page. Click to increase font size. Click again to decrease font size.

Colour contrast

We designed the website with easy-to-read colours and high colour contrast. Our website colours are user friendly for our visitors with colour vision deficiency and other vision impairments.

Tab navigation

Visitors who have difficulty using a mouse can tab through the clickable elements of our website including our fly-out menu and forms. Here are instructions for tab navigation:

  • Skip to content: press tab + enter.
  • Skip to navigation: press tab once then press tab again + enter.
  • Forward navigation: press tab.
  • Return to previous clickable element: press shift + tab.
  • Click on link: press enter.
  • Move across main menu links: tab and shift + tab or use right and left arrow keys.
  • Navigate fly-out menu items: press shift + return, then tab to move through items.

Blue outlines

We added blue outline borders to clickable elements as users tab through our web pages. The borders make link selection easier to see and follow.

Single window navigation

Users navigate our website in the same window. We have prevented links from opening new windows which can make navigating via keyboard difficult.

Have we helped you?

Please feel free to contact us about our website accessibility.