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Pangolin Associates Founding Directors - Bush Regeneration Activity (SA)
Bush regeneration day. Pangolin’s Founding Directors: Matthew Curnow, Iain Smale, Chris Wilson, Davide Ross.

As we advise clients to reduce their carbon footprint in a 3-step process, we apply the same steps to Pangolin Associates. We are committed to the following.

  1. Measuring our carbon footprint annually,
  2. Implementing eco friendly processes and policies to reduce our impact on the environment,
  3. Offsetting greenhouse gases (GHG) we cannot reduce or prevent.

Australian Government endorsed carbon neutral certification

Logo - Climate Active Carbon Neutral Organisation - Australian Government endorsedPangolin Associates is certified carbon neutral organisation under Climate Active (formerly NCOS). We have helped many organisations with this process, and have gone through the steps ourselves. In FY2017/18, we expanded our certification to cover our consulting, advisory and auditing services.

We were proudly the first to achieve NCOS in our sector.

Annual carbon assessment

At Pangolin Associates we measure our carbon footprint annually. It is critical for all businesses to understand the size of their carbon footprint, as well as how to reduce it. See an extract from one of our own reports (PDF, 2 Mb).

International recognition – B Corp certification

Pangolin Associates is a certified B Corp member in Australia (B Corp logo)Pangolin Associates is a founding Australian member of B Corp and has proudly made the 2015 ‘B Corp Best for the Environment’ list’. B Corp certification is a rigorous assessment of social and environmental practices. This is a global, voluntary initiative promoting  higher standards of accountability and transparency. Read about Pangolin on B Corp.

Our team assists other businesses succeed with B Corp’s environmental component. We help applicants with initial certification, and existing members achieve a higher score on reassessments.

Find out more: B Corp FAQs (PDF, 158 KB).
Read more about the B Corp Best for the Environment list.
See Certified B Corps versus Benefit Corporations.

Eco friendly workplace


  • We actively discourage paper consumption. We use online systems and deliver documents and reports in PDF format.
  • We use iPads for one on one presentations instead of paper based reports, or more energy intensive laptops. For larger presentations we request no printing of notes, rather emailed upon request.
  • When we must print, we use duplex printers and paper with a high recycled content. We choose Climate Active (NCOS)-certified carbon neutral paper. We also recycle all toner cartridges and wasted paper.
  • We request that clients, partners and suppliers scan and email communications in lieu of faxing or posting. We do not list a fax number to further discourage paper use.


  • All office equipment is turned off when not in use.
  • We have installed 120 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels at our Adelaide location, along with energy efficient lighting, and energy monitoring of the HVAC system.
  • Our Sydney office has LED lighting with motion sensors.
  • We are a participating member of CitySwitch Green Office, a program designed to lower energy consumption in commercial buildings.
  • We encourage work from home to reduce our transport footprint and resources used. Most of our team, and all four directors, have invested in solar power at home, as well as energy efficient appliances and lighting.


  • Waste is kept to a minimum. We select products and materials that can be recycled.
  • We go out of our way to recycle materials that cannot go into the recycle bin, such as toner cartridges, mobile phones and batteries.


  • We also select products based on social benefits, such as Fairtrade coffee.

Suppliers and supply chain policy

  • At Pangolin we select our suppliers based on environmental and ethical credentials, not just price and service. Prospective suppliers must complete a questionnaire regarding sustainability measures taken to date and planned for future. Contact us for a copy of the questionnaire.
  • As much as possible we select B Corp suppliers for their overall ethical and environmentally sound business practices. We select Australian Ethical Super as the default fund for our staff. Like Pangolin, Australian Ethical is a founding B Corp member in Australia (see more on B Corp).

Transport and travel

  • For local journeys we encourage our staff to use public transport or cycle as much as possible.
  • We also encourage staff to select from a range of fuel efficient vehicles, which they have done. Two of our Founding Directors drive Plug In Electric Vehicles (PHEV).
  • We actively discourage business flights and use teleconferencing for meetings. If we need to travel by air, we offset each flight with certified carbon credits.
  • Where flights are undertaken, we choose economy travel for its smaller impact on the environment.

Offsetting with carbon credits

  • Pangolin’s business carbon footprint is offset annually with certified carbon credits.
  • Additionally, our four directors fully offset their per capita emissions of 28 tonnes each financial year. They also offset personal air travel.

FY 2010/2011, 2011/2012 and 2012/2013

Social responsibility

Pangolin Associates has a zero tolerance policy for violence against all individuals in the workplace, and the broader community. We also support a few organisations we think are doing important work for our Planet: