Relevant Industry Groups

Australia and globally

Find industry groups focused on low-carbon markets and energy efficiencies.

Australian entities

Australian Institute of Environmental Accounting (AIEA)

The Australian Institute of Environmental Accounting provides information and industry events on environmental accounting. This is a government recognised body with a focus on greenhouse gas emissions reporting and auditing. See more on the Australian Institute of Environmental Accounting website.

Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE)

Beyond Zero Emissions is an Australian non profit think tank. As the name indicates, the organisation focuses on a zero, or below zero greenhouse gas emissions future for the Australian economy. Go to the Beyond Zero Emissions website.

Carbon Market Institute (CMI)

CMI provides market research publications and tools to help Australian organisations meet environmental reporting obligations and associated opportunities. Go to the Carbon Market Institute website.


CitySwitch helps commercial tenants achieve energy efficiencies. The organisation educates and assists with the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS). This is a no cost service. Go to the CitySwitch website.

Electric Vehicle Council

This is the Australian representative of the electric vehicle industry, namely companies that provide, power and support electric vehicles. Go to the Electric Vehicle Council website.

Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC)

The IGCC is an Australia / New Zealand entity focussed on climate change and the investment market. Go to the Investor Group on Climate Change website.

The Business Council for Sustainable Development Australia (BCSD Australia)

BCSD is one of Australia’s leading think tanks for progressive businesses. It focuses on advocacy, action, awareness and collaboration in the development of commercial solutions to economic social and environmental issues. BCSD is the Australian global network partner of WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development), a preeminent business led organisation for global sustainable development. Go to the Business Council for Sustainable Development Australia website.

UN Global Compact Network Australia (UNGCNA)

UN Global Compact Network Australia is part of a voluntary social responsibility and citizenship initiative. The 8000 strong global network shares knowledge and developments with a focus on workplace best practice. See more on the UNGCNA website.

Global entities


CDP works with investors, companies and governments to drive environmental disclosure and action that will deliver a sustainable economy, prevent dangerous climate change and protect natural resources. See more on the CDP website.


Ceres is a non profit organisation focused on sustainability and leadership. Ceres has worked for more than 2 decades to promote environmental best practice as part of decision making and business process. Go to the Ceres website.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

The Global Reporting Initiative has developed a global sustainability reporting framework. GRI’s mission is to drive this reporting system into new industries and businesses. See the GRI website.

Climate Counts

Climate Counts drives collaboration between consumers and businesses. The organisation promotes customer awareness and customer support for businesses taking responsibility for their emissions. Go to the Climate Counts website.

The Climate Group

The Climate Group is a non profit organisation supporting clean technology and sustainability policies. The group works with businesses and governments globally. Go to The Climate Group website.