A global climate change initiative

Pangolin Associates: CDP services (logo)The not for profit CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project) is the most comprehensive global source of corporate climate change data. In 2015, more than 5,500 companies disclosed environmental information through the CDP, such as carbon reporting.  More than 800 institutional investors encouraged corporate decision makers worldwide to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions.

By targeting large entities, CDP critically works to reduce greenhouse gases emissions and the associated climate change risks.

How Pangolin can help

New or updated CDP reporting.We provide comprehensive carbon footprint reports (Greenhouse Gas Assessments) that align with CDP requirements. The measurements in our GHG reports also comply with the Australian Government’s Climate Active program (formerly the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS)), for organisations undertaking both programs.

Once the carbon footprint is complete, we work with our clients to compile a CDP response. The CDP releases an updated climate change questionnaire each January. Responses are due in June of the same year. Contact us for a copy.

Verification services for CDP responses. We also provide third party verification services for organisations that have already undertaken a CDP response. Undertaking an independent verification means a higher  ranking. As registered auditors under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGER), we are eligible providers of this service.

Reasons to report to the CDP

Reporting indicates to customers, employees and stakeholders that a corporation understands, or is taking the steps to understand and to reduce harmful emissions associated with the business.

Disclosure and associated actions demonstrate support for strategies overall that promote sustainability, including third party and supply chain management.

Reporting emissions to the CDP indicates awareness and plans for a more sustainable, and more secure future, for the organisation and its employees.

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