Carbon Offsetting Strategy (Portfolios)

Build a low risk, best practice carbon offsetting portfolio

Photo: Pacajai Brazil REDD+ Project - protecting the biodiversity of Amazon rainforest
Carbon Offsetting Project – Pacajai Brazil REDD+.

Our team can help you build a carbon credit portfolio that is both relevant to your organisation and minimises risk. Our Carbon Offsetting services are designed to help you understand both the carbon market and the options available to you. Not all offsetting projects meet the requirements of programs such as Climate Active Certified Carbon Neutrality or the ACCC guidance. Different standards such as VERRA Standard and the Gold Standard may affect your selection of credits. You’ll need to be equipped with the right information; the carbon credit market is volatile which affects both costs and availability.

What to expect from our Carbon Offset Strategy services

A clear overview of the carbon credit market, including:

  • The types of carbon credits available: CERs, RMUs, VERs, VCUs, ACCUs.
  • The project types; forestry, renewable energy, fuel switching, etc.
  • An explanation of the carbon credit standards and the merits of each program such as the Verra Standard and the Gold Standard.
  • An explanation and identification of offsets compatible with the Australian Government-endorsed Climate Active program. This also includes programs such as Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), and the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA), if applicable.

Strategies for building a carbon credit portfolio that are well-aligned with your organisation. We also include risk mitigation:

  • Trends in supply and demand and the price implications.
  • Advice on addressing and safeguarding against the risks of the carbon credit market.
  • Modelling for a carbon credit portfolio mix and advice on how to assess a project’s associated risks.

Options and frameworks for best practice carbon credit management.

  • The role of carbon offsetting in a net zero carbon emissions strategy, including Climate Active requirements.
  • How to communicate offset claims to stakeholders.
  • Public disclosure guidelines

Our Carbon Offsetting Strategy clients include many types of businesses

We’ve helped local businesses and multinational organisations with their portfolios. Contact us about your offsetting needs.

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