Energy monitoring solution

Meter, monitor and manage for energy efficiency

GridAnalytics: an energy monitoring platformPangolin Associates partner: Acresta, developers of carbon accounting tool, CarbonView.We work with our partner, Acresta, developer of GridAnalytics energy monitoring platform, to help you understand and optimise your energy consumption and generation.

Energy meters

Wattwatchers Auditor energy monitorsOur team provides and installs Wattwatchers Auditor energy meters at your site. This interfaces with the GridAnalytics interactive dashboard. You gain insight into your organisation’s energy production, use and spend.

Who benefits from energy monitoring

  • Building and facility owners,
  • Operations managers,
  • Maintenance teams,
  • Energy and sustainability managers,
  • Finance managers,
  • Energy consultants.

Understanding your energy consumption

The GridAnalytics dashboard provides real time, web based data feeds. Performance may be presented on any device or screen such as lobby displays.

GridAnalytics energy monitoring software: overview

GridAnalytics energy monitoring software: real time view

Dashboard features

  • Allows trend analysis,
  • Provides intuitive drill down navigation, tracks all energy values (V, A, PF, kW, VAR, Hz, kWh, $, kg CO2-e),
  • Tracks electricity consumed against that produced from solar PV or Tri/Co- Generation systems,
  • Exports graphs and reports in Excel and PDF.

Accurate energy meters

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia,
  • Provides continuous backup,
  • Refreshes data every 5 seconds through a WiFi connection to cloud hosted server,
  • Wireless for easy installation and remote configuration (3G).

Energy monitoring benefits

Rapid return on investment

Our Wattwatchers energy meters are robust yet low cost.

Integration with existing systems

Connectors feed data into your reporting systems via API web services.

Cost savings easily identified

Understanding your consumption and energy spend means you can more easily identify cost savings opportunities.

Track how much electricity your solar panels generate.

On demand, anywhere, anytime

GridAnalytics includes a cloud hosted data server and web 
based reporting.

Ongoing expert advice

We provide monthly and quarterly reviews.

Need further assistance?

Our Energy Audits comply with Australian Energy Audit Standards AS/NZ 3598.1:2014, 3598.2:2014 and 3598.3:2014* at Type 2 or 3 levels. For our less energy intensive clients we may provide a comprehensive Type 1 Energy Audit which typically exceeds the standard.

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