Josh Prado | Senior Consultant | Climate Solutions

Pangolin Associates: Josh Prado

Josh is Senior Consultant on the technical team and a registered consultant for Climate Active certification.  He has undertaken research for Pangolin and Pangolin’s clients to improve and streamline benchmarking and technology transition projects. His work quickly earned him a reputation for making these projects easier and more efficient.

Josh joined Pangolin Associates after completing an internship in mid 2020. During his internship he worked on Pangolin’s GHG Assessment benchmarking database and gained valuable insight into the company.

Josh has over seven years of experience as a Sustainability Compliance Officer, five of those with Ecovantage, an energy efficiency consultancy. In this role he was tasked with reviewing and interpreting regulatory documents. He developed expertise in the laws governing Australia’s energy efficiency programs. Consequently, Josh has written and edited compliance plans and training manuals, and assisted in the implementation of efficiency programs in New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria. For the latter, he ensured that compliance of commercial lighting upgrades was in accordance with the state government’s VEU program.

Josh completed a Master’s of Environment at the University of Melbourne, majoring in governance, policy and markets. His focus was the role of business and the importance of stakeholder engagement in implementing and achieving micro and macro sustainability goals. He also pursued conservation projects during his university years. Josh travelled to Costa Rica where he collected ecological data for management, restoration and conservation of the Osa Peninsula forests.

The Ecological Management and Restoration Journal in collaboration with the Nature Conservancy published Josh’s research on private land conservation in Australia in 2018. He presented preliminary findings of this vital research at the Australian Land Conservation Alliance’s annual conservation conference in 2016.

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