Managing Director and Founder, Iain Smale

Snapshot: a few recent contributions to Pangolin

Iain Smale, Pangolin Associates Managing Director and FounderIain’s extensive knowledge of carbon offsetting has made him a ‘go to’ for clients in many sectors across Australia. He helps them understand abatement and develop portfolios that are well-aligned to their businesses.

Iain instigated the first Validation/Verification Bodies (GS-VVB) accreditation for Pangolin Associates. Pangolin is the first, and currently the only Gold Standard auditor in Australia. The team now supports clients domestically and internationally with GS carbon credit projects.

Iain has led several clients through the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Program. Many of them have become industry firsts, including Ross Hill Winery, BioPak, With_Archecture Studio, Real Utilities (Frasers Properties Australia), Medibank, and Sydney Harbour Ferries.

In 2019-2020, Iain grew Pangolin Associates through the NSW bushfires and the COVID 19 pandemic. He brought together a larger, highly skilled and motivated team. Together they continue to grow Pangolin Associates’ business and service offerings.

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Iain has worked closely with SME’s, corporate and government entities, and has a reputation for developing smart sustainability plans. He has more than 25 years of business solutions experience in technology and the environmental sector.

Iain’s background in systems integration with its compliancy responsibilities has been invaluable. He is a trusted partner for businesses facing environmental regulations, commercial or supply chain pressures, as well as those wanting to be socially responsible. He is a specialist in carbon neutrality and Climate Active (formerly the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS)).

Iain is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and the Carbon Market Institute (CMI). He is regularly sought by media for commentary on the carbon economy. He was also a judge for the Sydney Business Awards (Sustainable Businesses) for several years running, and the Banksia Sustainability Awards in an ongoing capacity.

In his own community, Iain helps the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute with carbon reduction and carbon neutrality strategies for local SMEs.

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