Nicole Butler | Principal Consultant | Climate Solutions

Pangolin Associates: Nicole ButlerNicole is is one of Pangolin’s registered consultants for Climate Active certification. She brings years of environmental reporting experience to the company, so knowledgeably helps Pangolin’s clients through processes such as Greenhouse Gas Assessments (Carbon Footprints), and the carbon inventories required for Climate Active certification. She also has extensive expertise in the energy sector which is a key area of interest. Nicole enjoys formulating innovative reduction strategies that specifically target renewable electricity and bring cost-effectiveness. She is interested in helping her clients to structure internal systems and processes that embed sustainability and provide genuine targeted insights.

Before joining Pangolin Associates Nicole worked at Cushman & Wakefield, a property management organisation. Her responsibilities included management of the Environmental Reporting Team, and Energy Manager within the Strategic Supply Chain. She worked with corporate clients that held large portfolios of energy and environmental data, and played a key role in setting up Sustainability Reporting and Utility Invoice Management Systems. Nicole also has overseas experience. She held an environmental reporting role for two years at ENVIRON in London.

Nicole has a double degree in Environmental Science and Business Administration at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. During her final year she provided benchmarking for carbon neutral products and services which set her career trajectory: helping businesses manage and reduce their carbon impacts.

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