Saiqa Perveen, Carbon and Energy Consultant

Saiqa is a Carbon and Energy Consultant with experience in greenhouse gas accounting and natural resource management. She brings livestock GHG Assessment, natural resource management (NRM), research, and data analysis experience to the Pangolin Associates team. Saiqa focuses on GHG Assessments and Climate Active carbon neutral certifications for Pangolin’s clients.

Prior to joining Pangolin’s scientific team Saiqa worked with the University of South Australia (UniSA) as a Research Associate. Her research involved greenhouse gas accounting of the global livestock sector and valuation of ecosystem services provided by land commons. Saiqa worked with the environmental sector monitoring and evaluating NRM projects. She also provided technical appraisals of environmental impact assessments reports. She undertook a leading role in community engagement and environmental awareness.

Saiqa holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science from UniSA. Her dissertation was on greenhouse gas emissions associated with the South Australian livestock sector. Saiqa’s studies focused on climate change adaptation, natural resource management, environmental impact assessment, community partnerships, geographical information system and analysis, water quality modelling, and project management.

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