Sarah Diefenbach | Consultant | Environment and Energy

Pangolin Associates: Sarah Diefenback | Analyst | Environment and EnergyAs part of the technical team in the Sydney office Sarah helps clients understand the environmental impacts of their products and services. She specialises in Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and assists with Carbon Footprints (Greenhouse Gas Assessments), and Climate Active carbon neutral certifications.

Sarah joined Pangolin Associates after completing a Master of Science degree in Sustainability, Society and the Environment from Kiel University, Germany. As part of her thesis, Sarah provided a full LCA of an innovative reusable drinking cup system from Northern Germany. Earlier, she worked as a business planning analyst and management accountant for a global fashion retail company in London, UK, where she built strong analytical, project management, and corporate reporting skills.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business. Prior to Australia, she lived in various countries in Europe and South America. Through international experience and living in different cultures and communities Sarah also witnessed firsthand the far-reaching effects of climate change and environmental degradation which motivated her to return to university and to specialise in sustainability. Sarah is committed to a career that helps organisations transition to decarbonisation and a sustainable economic model to ensure better outcomes for current and future generations.

When away from work, Sarah enjoys spending time in nature. She participates in activities such as beach clean-ups and tree planting initiatives, and advocates for more sustainable lifestyle choices in her own community.

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