Thomas Lehmann | Consultant | Climate Solutions

Pangolin Associates: Thomas Lehmann | Consultant | Climate SolutionsThomas is part of Pangolin Associates’ technical team in Sydney. His specialisations include Greenhouse Gas Assessments (Carbon Footprints), Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), and helping organisations with Climate Active carbon neutral certification processes.

He has previous experience in the sustainability sector in a role that focused on accounting organisation emissions, decarbonisation strategies, and carbon emissions analysis for a range of products including clothing, cosmetics, water bottles, and paper products. This work involved analysing business operations and assisting clients with material selection.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, Thomas worked as a traffic and transport engineer. At Ason Group, he developed school travel plans based on green travel strategies and operational traffic management procedures in conjunction with Transport for NSW. The project was designed to reduce carbon emissions and improve both air quality and safety for students in school zones, as well as encouraging sustainable modes of transport. His experience also extends to residential and commercial property development with clients such as Stockland and Mirvac. He undertook micro and macro road network analyses to establish green travel plans and reduce single occupancy vehicle trips.

Thomas joined Pangolin after completing a Master of Engineering Science in Sustainable Systems from the University of New South Wales. As part of his thesis, he reviewed the impacts of different decarbonisation scenarios on the Australian coal mining industry using a multi-region environmental extended input-output analysis.

A firm believer in the action of individuals and the power of learning, Thomas participates in activities such as community clean-ups. He is an enthusiastic advocate of circular economic practices and degrowth economic policy.

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