Pangolin Associates first certified carbon neutral firm in environmental services

Media release 30 September 2016

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Pangolin Associates is certified under NCOS (NCOS logo + Government logo).More and more small businesses are preparing for climate change and, despite their size, showing climate change leadership in the greater business community. Carbon and energy management firm, Pangolin Associates, is one of these. Pangolin has just earned its own NCOS certification. This is the rigorous National Carbon Offset Standard, the only Australian Government-approved carbon neutral certification.

Pangolin is also a founding member of B Corp in Australia, and the first B Corporation to become NCOS certified. B Corp is a global initiative that promotes the highest standards of social and environmental accountability.

Begun in 2010, Pangolin’s founding directors built the company, its structure and guiding principals, on carbon neutrality. Managing Director, Iain Smale, points to a 3-step process. He says, “We practice the advice we give to our clients. We measure our carbon emissions annually; implement sustainable processes and policies that include our supply chain; and offset emissions that we cannot eliminate with certified carbon credits.” From 2010 Pangolin’s carbon credit purchases have supported a wind power project in Tamil Nadu, India.

More specifically Smale points out Pangolin’s extremely low resource consumption, such as a near-zero paper workplace. There are also ongoing efforts to become more energy efficient. The Adelaide office, for example, now enjoys 120 solar photo voltaic panels, efficient LED lighting, and an HVAC monitoring system.

Pangolin’s team is well versed in the certified carbon neutral scheme. They provide NCOS services for their clients: greenhouse gas assessments, third party verifications, and carbon offsetting management. To date Pangolin has worked with about one third of NCOS certified organisations.

Ross Hill Wine Group, a winery based in Orange NSW, is the most recent success for Pangolin. Impressively, Ross Hill has achieved carbon neutral certification for both its operations and products. It is also the first Australian winery to earn the NCOS certification, which has already opened doors for the winery in the corporate sector. As Iain Smale says, “It’s a great example of small business preparing for the future, and showing effective climate change leadership in their industry.”

About the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS)

The National Carbon Offset Standard sets requirements for becoming carbon neutral. These are based on a rigorous and transparent framework, supported by international standards and tailored to the Australian context. Meeting the requirements of the Standard is essential for certification under the Carbon Neutral Program.

The Standard:

  • Sets minimum requirements for calculating, reducing, offsetting, auditing and reporting on emissions.
  • Provides guidance on what is a genuine offset unit. Offset units that are eligible for making a carbon neutral claim under the Standard must meet a set of integrity principles

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About Pangolin Associates

Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd is a consultancy working with businesses and governments across Australia helping to increase efficiencies and competitiveness whilst reducing carbon, energy and other environmental impacts.

Pangolin’s services include comprehensive greenhouse gas assessments (carbon footprints), energy efficiency audits, verification and assurance services, and carbon offsetting. Pangolin’s scientific team has comprehensive experience and the highest level of environmental accreditations. Auditors are registered with the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator. Pangolin Associates is a founding Certified B Corporation. It received the Australian Government’s carbon neutral certification in September 2016.

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