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19 September 2023

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Pangolin Associates is pleased to announce that the climate change services consultancy is now part of the Viridios Group. Viridios Group is a global carbon credit origination, capital markets, asset management business. The Group offers a unique SaaS pricing and data platform covering the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) and compliance markets. Pangolin Associates will remain a standalone business under the Viridios umbrella while contributing a suite of interconnected strategic services.

Joining the Viridios Group is a tactical move for both companies. According to Pangolin Associates Managing Director Iain Smale, ‘We’ve seen several independent carbon management providers become part of larger foreign entities. Our move is unique in the sector: Viridios and Pangolin’s services are wholly complementary – a natural pairing of two like-minded Australian-founded companies.’ Viridios and Pangolin share similar cultures and value systems with a long history of support through mutually referring business to one another. Smale adds, ‘after 13 years as a highly successful independent consultancy with a diverse and loyal client base, trust was non-negotiable. Viridios Group’s Australian origins also ticked a box for us.’

The Viridios investment into Pangolin Associates comes at an opportune time as pressure to demonstrate environmental responsibility surges in the Australian business community. Expectations from stakeholders, customers, supply chains and the public at large are forcing organisations to build credible climate policies and embed sustainability measures into every part of the business.

Pressure also stems from a greater commitment to climate action from the Australian Government in the form of an updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to 43 percent by 2030 (compared to 2005 levels) and net-zero by 2050. While keeping the widely recognised brand, Pangolin Associates is now in a better position for rapid, sustainable growth. The company will continue to meet demands for carbon footprints, Climate Active carbon neutral certifications, and lifecycle analyses, but will shift more decisively into services for globally focused initiatives such as net-zero strategies, Science Based Targets, ESG, and B Corp consulting.

Viridios Group CEO Eddie Listorti says, ‘We’re delighted to welcome Pangolin into the Viridios Group. Over many years, Iain and the team have built a strong reputation in the climate change consulting space, and we look forward to working with them to grow their service offerings while drawing on our carbon knowledge base, portfolios, and sophisticated technology solutions.’

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About Pangolin Associates

Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd helps organisations reduce environmental impacts and remain competitive in a decarbonising economy. Pangolin’s services include Net-Zero Services, Science Based Targets, Lifecycle Assessments (LCAs), ESG, Climate Active certifications, Greenhouse Gas Assessments (Carbon Footprints), Embodied Carbon Services, and Carbon Offsetting Management and Advice. The company’s scientific team has comprehensive experience and the highest level of environmental accreditations.

Pangolin Associates was the first in its sector to become Climate Active carbon neutral certified (Organisation and Services) and is a founding member of B Corp in Australia, a business member for 1% For The Planet, and a signatory of the UN Global Compact.

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About the Viridios Group

Viridios Group is a global carbon credit origination, capital markets and asset management business focused on carbon markets, with a unique carbon credit SaaS pricing, valuation, and project data platform. Its mission is to mobilise positive action towards net-zero and improve transparency in carbon markets to ensure the effective allocation of capital in carbon reduction projects.

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