Pangolin Newsletter December 2019

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Good wishes in troubling times

It’s almost 2020 and we would like to wish you a wonderful, safe holiday season!

As 2019 is soon behind us, we want to acknowledge our clients and partners. Thank you for another year of working with us, and for your commitment to climate change action. As the United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization reports that the planet needs ever-greater emissions cuts to 2030 (26 November 2019), more than ever we need your good work and positive influence on your clients, colleagues and competitors.

We’d also like acknowledge the incredibly hard work of our firefighters this spring – thank you, thank you, thank you.

How many times have you heard unprecedented ?

Photo: Pangolin Associates, climate change services, Australia
WMO on 2018: “extreme weather… on every continent.” Wild fires, Australia.

Last week we read that the UN Environment Programme now calls for emissions cuts of 7.6% to 2030. This is to keep our planet within the 1.5°C temperature rise limit. Otherwise the World Meteorological Organization says, we (globally) are not on track to meet climate change targets.

Whilst many will not directly attribute the disturbing spring we’ve seen in Australia to climate change, none of us anywhere would wish for the consequences that the current Paris Agreement trajectory will bring. It’s unthinkable. The WMO: “ocean heat content is at a record high,” and “extreme weather had an impact on lives and sustainable development on every continent” in 2018. And much more. It’s a sobering report and we only hope that it urges more action and stronger leadership in all sectors.

Read the WMO report here, then, talk to us about what more your organisation can do to cut emissions.

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Do you know about the changes to carbon neutral certification?

Logo - Climate Active - Certified Carbon Neutrality under the Australian GovernmentKnow about Climate Active (formerly NCOS).

If you’re a client, or have read our past newsletters, you’ll know that many Australian organisations are achieving carbon neutrality or targeting net zero emissions.

Commendably, many have become carbon neutral certified under the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). * Certification under this program is now called Climate Active. There is a new name, a new website, and not surprisingly, changes within the system. Contact us, we’re happy to discuss any questions you might have, and explain how the certification works.

Meanwhile, read more about the program on our website, or see our case studies. Pangolin has helped more than half of the successfully certified organisations in Australia (the only Federal Government-recognised carbon neutral certification) across all categories.

We have five registered consultants with Climate Active across four categories. We’ve got you covered.  See the new Climate Active website.

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Speaking of carbon neutrality (and the holidays)…

Photo: Keith of Keith Tulloch Wines, Hunter Valley - certified carbon neutral
Keith of Keith Tulloch Wines, Pokolbin – Hunter Valley NSW

Five like-minded businesses to consider for your festivities.

Our clients ask us about companies producing sustainable products and services. We thought we’d give you five ideas that might help during the festive season, in particular, what you’ll bring to the table.

Best of all – all five of these companies are certified carbon neutral (here’s to you!):

Red or white? Go with Ross Hill Wines (Orange NSW), or Keith Tulloch Wines (Hunter Valley NSW).

Beef or fish? Try Austral Fisheries Sustainable Seafood, or Five Founders Natural Australian Beef.

Going disposable for a picnic? BioPak – put it in a sustainable container. Compost it later.

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A carbon sector first for Pangolin

Logo: Gold Standard OrganisationNow Gold Standard Approved Auditors.

In September 2019 the Gold Standard Organisation, an entity within the voluntary carbon market, recognised Pangolin Associates as Gold Standard Approved Auditors under Land Use and Forests – the first and only in Australia to date. It’s another first for Pangolin, along with the first certified carbon neutral organisation in our sector and carbon neutral B Corporation.

Also this year, as we’ve seen a rise in demand for our compliance services, we’ve also increased our Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditors to four. See our accreditations and memberships here. 

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A new office in Sydney

Pangolin Associates Sydney - a new CBD location on Pitt and King Streets
A new location on Pitt & King, Sydney

New location, growing team

We outgrew our office this year and we’ve moved down the road, now we’re at Pitt and King Streets in the CBD. As well as a new office, we welcome talented new team members to Pangolin Associates.

Please update your contacts with our new address, and visit us – we have more options for meeting rooms too.

In Sydney:

Pangolin Associates
Level 16, 175 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Find us in Sydney on Google maps, or, see all our locations in Australia.