Carbon Accounting Software

Carbon measurement and reporting made easier

Pangolin Associates partner, Simble: a carbon accounting platform (Simble logo).We provide and implement carbon accounting solutions to help streamline your business processes. Through our Australian software partner, Simble, we provide CarbonView.

This is a powerful, internationally-used enterprise system that makes carbon footprinting and reporting an easier task.

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Who benefits from CarbonView

How CarbonView benefits your business

Makes data collection easier

  • Carbon measurement and sustainability reporting in accordance with all global standards,
  • Customisable metrics and emission sources,
  • Direct integration with existing systems.

CarbonView lets you customise for stakeholders

  • Dynamic dashboards tailored to user profiles,
  • Interactive and dynamic reporting, including ad hoc reports,
  • Automated reporting with real-time calculation,
  • Efficient distribution – publish schedule and email.

Manages performance against targets

  • Establishes absolute and intensity targets,
  • Visibility across the enterprise and supply chain,
  • Performance tracking against targets to drive ROI,
  • Carbon abatement and energy efficiency project management.

Simply helps you manage more effectively

  • Strong security capabilities and data privacy,
  • Multilingual capabilities,
  • Robust audibility for compliance reporting.