100% Renewable Energy

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Pangolin Associates - 100% Renewable Energy (100RE) services. (Delivery of a wind turbine blade NSW.)
Try a staged approach for your organisation. Take one or more areas to 100% renewable energy.

The most ambitious leaders have seen a 27% return on low carbon investments such as renewable energy. 100% renewables also means carbon neutrality is viable for organisations of any size.

Renewable energy is also a critical component of a Science Based Target (SBT) approach. SBT’s represent an organisation’s share of carbon that can be emitted globally to keep temperature within the COP21 goal: below 2°C, when compared to pre-industrial levels.

International Energy AgencyTo stay within a 2° global temperature rise scenario, 42% of electricity must be generated from renewables by 2030, 57% by 2050.

Go for 100% renewable energy, or take it step by step

100% Renewable Energy, referred to as 100RE, applies to energy consumed through electricity, heating and cooling, transport and stationary fuels. A staged approach may be best for your organisation, taking one or more areas to 100%.

How Pangolin helps

Calculating 100%. We help you to calculate appropriate units for your organisation’s consumption of fossil fuels. Fuels may be MWh of grid-based electricity, gigajoules (GJ) of natural gas, megalitres of transport or stationary fuels. Once we have established these metrics, we’ll help you understand the options available to replace fossil fuel with renewable energy sources.

Taking you through electricity options. We advise on the best option for your organisation, whether sourced from the market, or self-produced. The latter may be GreenPower, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Renewable Electricity Certificates/Credits (RECs), or Buyers’ clubs.

Helping you identify the right technology. We help you make an informed decision on renewable technologies, e.g.:

  • Solar,
  • Wind,
  • Biofuels and biopower,
  • Cogeneration or trigeneration,
  • Energy storage technologies.

Providing finance information. With the options for financing renewables steadily increasing, we provide clear and concise information.

  • Financial assistance available from ARENA and CEFC,
  • Climate/green bonds,
  • Generation and retirement of large and small scale technology certificates via the Clean Energy Regulator.

Why set such ambitious targets?

For simplicity. Moving towards 100% renewable energy is one of the simplest options for carbon management.

To increase ROI and shareholder value. Increasingly institutional and retail investors look beyond IRR, earnings and dividends, to companies that invest in the future and demonstrate corporate responsibility.

For energy efficiency. Investing in renewable energy increases awareness of your organisation’s power consumption. There is a flow-on improvement in energy efficiency – and costs.

To encourage innovation in renewable energy. More investment encourages robust new clean energy solutions. Take for example the re-purposing of waste or by-products as sources of fuel, such as coffee grounds, or grape marc from the wine industry.

To limit financial and energy source risk. A 100% renewable energy scenario protects against electricity price rises. It also safeguards against energy security risk.

To show climate leadership. Climate change leaders demonstrates accountability to customers and the business community. Worth keeping in mind:

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