Jurlique International

Australian natural skincare products

Jurlique International sustainability actions. (Solar panels at plant.)
Jurlique International, South Australia

Founded in 1985, Jurlique International aims to provide pure, effective skin care through natural products. It is the only Australian beauty brand that has its own Pangolin Associates client: Jurlique International. (Logo)certified biodynamic farm. Started in South Australia, Jurlique’s global presence includes 18 concept stores in Australia, more than 40 stores in 23 additional countries, and representation in 5000 retail outlets.

Carbon management

Jurlique International - sustainability program includes recycling containers
A sustainability focus
Jurlique has reduced its environmental impact through numerous measures. To name just a few:

  • Waste diversion of over 90%, supported by a waste management education program,
  • 75 kW of solar photovoltaic panels installed at the Jurlique farm and factory,
  • Water is transported from the Mount Barker site’s cooling system to the farm for irrigation use,
  • Environmental Management System implemented that aligns manufacturing processes with ISO 14001.

Measuring progress with Simble carbon monitoring software

Pangolin Associates partner, Simble: a carbon accounting platform (Simble logo)Yoshie Obara, Jurlique International Environmental Officer, spoke to Pangolin about the need to align a carbon monitoring solution with Jurlique’s carbon reduction initiatives. Jurlique required a new, more effective management tool to replace software in place at the time. Yoshie outlined the company’s core ‘must haves’ as the provision of live data, reliability, cost effectiveness, and a user friendly interface.

Importantly, the company also wanted a partner in it for “the long run.” After a tender process and investigation of the options on the market, Jurlique chose Pangolin Associates, providers of Simble’s CarbonView carbon monitoring solution. Contributing to their decision, the company considered Pangolin’s experience across carbon management in general, and as well Pangolin’s team of NGER registered auditors under the Clean Energy Regulator.

CarbonView benefits:
According to Yoshie, CarbonView is a significant improvement for the company. It is “straightforward to use and flexible in customising the dashboard to suit Jurlique’s particular requirements.” The CarbonView tool enables Jurlique to uncover information that was previously unavailable to them. Additionally, it provides the following key benefits:

  • A flexible, customisable data collation and reporting system,
  • The ability to track:
    • Energy consumption across a number of stores,
    • Water, waste, electricity usage,
    • Fuel for company cars and forklifts,
    • Impact of flights taken by the organisation,
  • Collation of data for monthly, quarterly and annual reports, as well as ad hoc updates.

At mid 2015, Jurlique uses CarbonView monitoring software at the Adelaide Head Office, the Hong Kong office, and at one store which is running a trial. The company plans to roll out 16 additional stores and other international offices and warehouses.

Sustainability initiatives in the pipeline

According to Yoshie, the company has set a target of 20% reduction of electricity, waste and water by the end of 2015 (from a base year of 2010). Without CarbonView software Jurlique would not be able to track progress effectively. Further, Yoshie comments:

Our goal is to analyse and reduce our environmental impact through the whole supply chain. We have been monitoring the factory, office and warehouse’s environmental impact. Although it is challenging to expand this monitoring upstream to vendors and to their sources, this is the direction that Jurlique has taken, it will include everything from the extraction of raw materials to the final disposal of packaging after a consumer has used the product. We believe that it is critical to understand and dimensionalise our total environmental impact. By completing the analysis, we believe that we can take actions to reduce the environmental impact dramatically in the years ahead.


Our work with the team at Pangolin Associates aimed to set up our environmental monitoring system and customise our dashboard and reports. We are pleased with our new carbon monitoring system and the way Pangolin conducts business. What we appreciated most about working with Pangolin Associates was their comprehensive understanding of wide range of environmental standards and their ability to apply the standards to the actual business.

Yoshie Obara, Environment Officer, Jurlique International
June 2015

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