September 2023 news

Message from the Managing Director, Iain Smale

Joining the Viridios Group, 19 September 2023

Portrait: Iain Smale: Pangolin Associates Founder, Director and Managing Director
Iain Smale: Founder | Director and Managing Director

I am delighted to bring our news of Pangolin Associates’ move into the Viridios Group. Our company has had a successful 13 years as an independent Australian consultancy, but it is time for us to take the next step for our business.

Like every small to medium sized carbon management company in Australia, from about 2019-2020 Pangolin experienced incredible growth, and the requests for our services remain a fast-moving upward trajectory. In the past few years, the Australian business community has responded to numerous factors including domestic and international pressures for environmental accountability as the globe experiences the existential threats of heating planet sooner than climate scientists had projected only a few years ago.

We knew we needed to manage our growth prudently and we needed additional support and investment to do so. Our move into to the Viridios Group means we can deliver more, more quickly without compromising the high quality of work for which we are known, and which has allowed us to compete and win business over much larger companies.

Joining Viridios has a multitude of benefits in terms of technology platforms, complementary services, augmented systems, and enhanced staff support. Crucially, for our clients, partners, and broader network, Viridios is a company we trust. Pangolin and Viridios have supported one another through referring business for several years, and now our services will be even more closely interconnected. For Pangolin’s clients the move means business-as-usual from our team but with easier access to new carbon abatement services and offerings in the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) and compliance market. Likewise, Viridios’ clients gain direct access to Pangolin’s team of specialists and an expanded suite of services.

Only a few days ago the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) released the facts about the Northern Hemisphere summer, heating of the oceans, new temperature records broken, and the ominous expectations for the summer ahead of us in Australia. I am not afraid to say that I am relieved that my team and I are now positioned to push onwards, more assertively and securely, with climate strategies that deliver better outcomes for the environment, our society, and the business community.

If you have any questions about our announcement, any concerns, or requirements, as always, we invite you to talk to us.

Signature: Iain Smale: Pangolin Associates Managing Director



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Q/A: for our clients, partners, and colleagues in the industry

Q. Will Pangolin Associates become absorbed into the Viridios Group? Or will Pangolin still exist as a company?

We will remain Pangolin Associates. The Pangolin Associates services, people, and brand will stay the same. Pangolin’s services complement Viridios’ offerings in the carbon markets, and we will benefit from their portfolios and technology solutions.

Q. How will Pangolin be different?

It will be BAU. We will have additional resources to support you, so that is a tangible benefit. Mainly, though, expect business as usual from the people you know and trust at Pangolin.

Q. What does it mean for our relationship with Pangolin?

Again, it will be BAU. Our relationship with you and your organisation will not change.

Q. Pangolin has managed my carbon credits in the past and Viridios provides access to the carbon markets, so who will provide my carbon credits now? Viridios or Pangolin?

Pangolin. Your carbon credit management and offsetting advice remains with us, but you will also have the benefit of Viridios’ offerings and platforms.

Q. Will your services change?

Our services are changing with the market and with rapid climate change anyway. Now with Viridios’ investment we can adapt to the market more quickly and more viably.

Our focus is already on the services associated with a decarbonised economy which includes a range of Net-Zero Services, Science Based Targets, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), and Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs). We will also grow our B Corp Consultations and continue to meet our clients’ needs for Carbon Footprints and Climate Active certifications.

Questions? Talk to us.